Vision and goals

Swedish Environmental Technology is owned and operated by its members and provides those members with a range of essential services, for example:

• Up to date and relevant database information concerning foreign markets, individual countries or sectors, EU-sponsored R&D and demonstration programmes, foreign competition, competing technologies, etc.

• Improved know-how concerning bidding for, winning and executing export projects.

• How to develop more customer-oriented products and solutions tailor-made for specific markets.

• Provide essential information on applying for funding for export projects and market development.

• Assist with the development of system solutions by encouraging collaboration amongst companies with complementary products and technologies.

• Development and co-ordination of IT-systems and networks. Links to other essential national and international databases.

• Assist with organising programmes of visits and meetings with incoming foreign delegations.

• Develop local and sectorial "clusters" for mutual cost-sharing for overseas marketing activities.

• Assist companies seeking environmental certification.

• Assist with contacts with funding and aid agencies, e.g. World Bank, EBRD, NIB, etc.

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Swedish Environmental Technology (SET)

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